What started as a helping hand to a few freelance clients in need grew into a successful company that serves the vast needs of small and large local, national, and international businesses. We provide all types of marketing, assisting businesses by setting up ISO 9001 processes, improving ROI, and drastically increasing brand awareness.

The concept of ikanikon Design was invented by a Freelance Graphic Designer, in Tempe, AZ.
With dedication and a commitment to high ethics, ikanikon niche marketing began

With two years of college for business and marketing already under her proverbial belt, in her third year of six years of college for two blended careers, ikanikon saw a disconnect between the design industry and clients. While doing freelance work, ikanikon uncovered a disturbing fact that Graphic Designers were designing blindly not caring about the end costs for the client as long as the project looked incredible in their portfolio, then clients had to go re-pay someone else even more for Print Production within their budget! Immediately, ikanikon.com was created to solve problems as a helpful Consultant with the client’s needs in mind, not simply making projects that fluff our portfolio or line our pockets, but instead to create visually appealing yet cost effective printed collateral materials and websites because we understand your bottom line is to make money, not just to spend money. We developed a network of wholesale printers and an exceptional team of freelance Graphic Designers, Production Designers, Website Designers and Website Programmers, plus hosting servers, so that prices can stay within the client’s budget while still getting awesome designs that compel purchases, and therefore make you money.

Added on Print Broker, Website Designer, and Multimedia Designer to skills.

Published many articles

Created an archival system for their marketing, saved the company $4,000/yr by creating spreadsheets for their marketing to save money and streamline the marketing plan. Published articles in three magazines: Managed Care, The American Journal of Managed Care. Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin, TX read article about them and called to request using it for their own marketing use. Honored by the Owner of USA MCO who requested meeting to sit down and talk about another article on spiritual healing philosophy that incorporates world religion beliefs and healing energies. Also lobbied the FDA regarding healthcare matters.

ikanikon received a phone call from across the nation because of our organic page 1 Google ranking without ever even trying!

Received an Appreciation Award for Excellence Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) from the national overseer of the QMS/ISO Automotive program, after assisting with the implementation and set up of the program across all departments within a dealership. During that time, the dealership enjoyed consistently top customer service scores in the northeast region.

Started providing Website Hosting and ongoing Website Maintenance for clients

ikanikon Press Kits gained SEMA Auto Show Vegas media coverage and 3 national automotive magazine articles!

Starting Blogging daily building up a solid Social Media Marketing presence

Added PHP skills to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, for heavier duty hard-coding websites

Brought a program that was about to be canceled for $3,000 per year loss up to a +$13,674.87/year profit, reporting +$4,448.29 within the first 4 months with an EXPANDED program, for the U.S. Navy Single Sailors working with the Navy Subschol (see letters from 2 Master Chiefs and other Navy letters of recommendations).

Changed the name to ikan-ikon with a hyphen for easier pronounciation

Started ikan-ikon Marketing and Design full-time with a staff of 5 employees at an art gallery in West Warwick, RI.

Achieved outstanding successes in Social Media Marketing and hundreds of page 1 SEO Google rankings

Consulting for large and small businesses throughout Connecticut and nationally with long-term clients since 2005. Some successes in 2016 included:

1) 5,700 impressions with 460 post reaches/wk. Dwarfed PPC results $5K to $8K with lower CPC for 387 website visits PLUS reclaimed over $400/mo ROI through negative keywords, 1,187 sessions / 1,034 users / 3,278 pg views / 2.76 pgs/session. Lowered corporate websites’ bounce rate to by 53%, from 79+% to 26%.

3,423 web visitors per week, which included search engine robots and spiders crawling the website for the first couple months. Website averages 264 human organic visitors every month with no advertising. 95.45% goal conversion rate. 0% abandonment rate. Session durations +1.26m. Number of pages visits +1.83. 49 social media to website visitors became 43 goal conversions in July 2016. Tripled the results successfully on every effort made throughout the time working on that website. 3,217 reach for one week on Facebook in August 2016.

Google Certifications and Google Academy Training, Attended Google Summit

Google Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (currently in Google Academy for more certifications). Google Training: Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords (including Editor), Google Algorithms professional. Also attended the Google Summit 2017 and attend Google Academy (for ongoing training to keep up on marketing innovations).

National PCC Week 2017 (US Postal Service event for industry and postal experts).

This is an event that teaches about things like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), USPS latest and greatest breaking news for business marketing, and it also brings together a network of postal professionals with customers, in the printing and design industry, as well as businesses who use the post office for their business mailing needs.

With an extensive client list, this full-service boutique marketing firm stands strong

Today, we are a full-service marketing provider for any size business, while still maintaining the lowest overhead to keep costs as low as possible for our clients. By handling all aspects of marketing for our clients, ikan-ikon.com takes businesses to higher and higher levels.
As a one-stop solution, we have five important divisions:
1) Website Design and Development,
2) Web Digital Marketing,
3) Social Media Marketing,
4) Printing and Graphic Design,
5) Advertising (for print, broadcast, and internet).

We make the processes of growing your business easier for you while we save your precious time and money from the hassles of working with numerous vendors to accomplish your goals. Plus, our fully automated online processes provide harmonious project management from and to anywhere with a simple click of the mouse!

ikan-ikon.com is committed to learning all we can about your business, to determine your particular needs, and then we use that information to provide top quality branding combined with effective money-making marketing. Our all-inclusive packages will streamline your business procedures and fit seamlessly into your day, saving you time while bringing back solid returns on your investment. ikan-ikon.com offers you customized, quality, affordable products and services for every stage of marketing your business, and gives clients total control over every aspect of every project, forever.

We keep on top of marketing trends with unique inspiration

We recognize the need to satisfy the perpetually changing demand for search engine optimization, web digital marketing, and social media marketing. As the Internet and its surrounding technologies constantly grow by leaps and bounds, we continually expand our menu of technological offerings in order to accommodate the diversifying needs of our broad base of clients from around the country. Any time technology changes affect our clients’ websites, our website maintenance packages grow to address these needs for clients so that there is no need to ever worry about being left behind as technology races through eternity.

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